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OUR culture

on a mission to build a utopia

&samhoud works for aspirational clients on strategic issues. This offers a challenging environment in which you and your colleagues deliver top performances for the customer. We offer a place for continuous development, to discover your own goals and values and develop your own qualities. We pay great attention to our people and encourage development through learning days, training weeks, peer group intervision, frequent feedback and coaching on the job.

But this is not what sets us apart. Our people do. People who recognise themselves in the same vision and values, who are energetic and connecting. People who work hard, but also know when to unwind. We take time off seriously and make it available to everyone. Via get-togethers, partner leave and unlimited vacation days.

Our dream? To build a brighter future. And to practice what we preach, we aim to become the world’s best place to work.

core values

Values we breathe


We know who we are and we are our true selves. We continuously work on creating an environment where people can speak up and grow.


We strive to be the best in realising breakthroughs. We balance between action and reflection, freedom and responsibility.


We care for and help each other, showing genuine engagement. We lift each other up and embrace diversity of thought.


We are driven by a childlike sense of wonder. We celebrate successes and learn from mistakes.


What we offer

Working for &samhoud is like joining a family. You can be sure of a great place to work, a good salary, good secondary benefits, mobility and insurances. That’s how family takes care of you. Yet, there’s more:


We challenge you to grow. As an expert in your field, but even more so as a person. Because knowing yourself is the best way to succeed.


We work for interesting clients, on challenging topics with smart authentic colleagues. Your contribution is appreciated and heard.


Look no further, you’ve found your purpose. You only work on clients and cases that matter. Reducing inequality. Changing the world.


You decide when and where you work. At home or at our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht or abroad. There’s even a budget for working abroad. Hey, we’re family. No distance can set us apart.


At &samhoud we believe in freedom and responsibility. So it’s up to you when you work or take time off. As long as you take the responsibility to reach your goals.


If you’ve been working with us for more than 4 years, we offer you the chance to take a 3 month paid leave. Giving you the time to reflect on what you really want in life and work.


We have a close-knit culture

We have a close-knit culture. The culture at &samhoud is best described by our values. Intensity, authenticity, friendship and playfulness. These values inspire an innovative, creative and fun working environment. And they ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment, where every employee is valued and respected for their unique background, experience and perspective.


Interconnected figures stand resilient under a vast sky. This image depicts the strength of unity, diversity, optimism and the shared vision of building a brighter future.

Want to know more?


Want to know more?

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