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accelerating agility and efficiency for a worldwide retailer


Ahold Delhaize


People, Tech & AI transformation

Food retailer Ahold Delhaize faced a huge challenge on enlarging their agility and efficiency in a rapidly changing digital world. We knew the only answer was an integral Agile transformation. Covering culture, way of working, IT, leadership and strategy.

Ahold Delhaize wanted to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer demands and make the most of the opportunities of e-commerce, data & analytics and technology along different brands in Europe. To do so, the company needed to become more agile and collaborate more across regions.

We supported the Belgium and Central South East Europe IT department of Ahold Delhaize (BeCSE) in the cultural and leadership change that is required for building business agility and achieving their mission: Accelerate Tech, Grow Together.

Our approach for change
BeCSE and &samhoud worked closely together in the overall change approach. &samhoud supported and accelerated all work streams with a main focus on the mission, strategy, value streams, leadership and culture and change management and communication.

To achieve this, we:

  • Create the first overarching mission and strategy for the BeCSE region;
  • Developed a vision on Agile leadership (aligned with existing model) and BeCSE agile culture;
  • Defined the desired behavioural competences;
  • Developed a leadership program (e.g. 360 feedback, leading remote teams etc);
  • Set up a Leadership Team across the region that took ownership for executing the strategy;
  • Worked on changing behaviour on topics like psychological safety, giving feedback and speak up.

What really changed?

By combining strategy and behaviour the change was both efficient and sustainable. Simultaneously focusing on specific work processes and increasing knowledge of agile across the organisation ensured a gradual change that spread naturally. By focusing up front on the collaboration and potential across the region, we were quickly able to achieve positive results and accelerate the change.

The impact

  • There is a lot of energy for the change and the organisation understands the urgency to become more agile;
  • The IT MT is growing in their leadership skills by clearly showing more ownership over the change;
  • All 5 countries have started a local agile transformation program, which helps to be better aligned to EU level;
  • Agile ceremonies like program planning and PO-sync have been implemented on a wide level, creating a clear direction for the change;
  • The vision and strategy are being executed by the Leadership Team ensuring a sustainable change.

Want to know more?


Want to know more?

Remy Middelhoff
Lead Partner