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Ensuring consistent leadership in a rapidly changing world




Vodafone Ziggo


Leadership & team development

VodafoneZiggo provides fixed, mobile and integrated communications and entertainment services to consumers and businesses. For a successful integration of Vodafone and Ziggo, the company wanted, among other things, to work on leadership. So that their leaders would be equipped for the future, speak the same language and act as role models for living up to this shared purpose, strategy and values.

VodafoneZiggo looked for a partner to design and facilitate a development journey for all people leaders (550) that would also lead to a cohesive leadership community.

Our approach for change

The development trajectory (Leadership Journey) had the following goals:​

  • An optimal fit with business challenges and existing initiatives​;
  • Co-creation within the trajectory, from the very start stimulate ownership;
  • Inspire and connect (tight-knit leader community) and behavioural change, to ensure a long-lasting solution​.

We have developed a blended-learning approach with off-site and on-site activities, online and offline tools, individual guidance and team development, inspire for collective ‘experiences’ and stimulated a deeper understanding and bond in smaller groups. Some examples of used tools are digital games designed to teach and learn, leadership events, 360 feedback development and team sessions and online gamification to continuously stimulate behavioural change (habit formation).​

The impact

  • The trajectory, called the ‘leadership journey’, resulted in the creation of a strong feedback culture that gave direction to result and behaviour;
  • Leaders who know the company’s purpose and strategy, know how to contribute to this and communicate it to their team;
  • A deeper understanding of and clear perspective on what leadership skills and insights are needed for the future way of working​;
  • A significant increase of engagement and leadership (role models) in the Employee Satisfaction Survey​;
  • A high satisfaction about the approach of attendees: value generation​;
  • A leadership community in which members experience a strong bond with one another.

Want to know more?


Want to know more?

Koen Husmann
Lead partner