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Preparing a healthcare organisation and its leaders for future challenges




Leadership & team development

The healthcare landscape is changing. More people are growing older than ever before. Needing care at home, special living environments or rehabilitation facilities. How can healthcare organisation Omring ensure they are ready for the future challenges in the changing healthcare landscape? And how do they link leadership development to the revisement of their expiring strategy?

For these challenges, Omring found a partner in &samhoud. Together we made sure the organisation and their leaders were re-energised and ready for the future.

Our unusual approach

Our approach is characterised by an analysis phase based on desk research, interviews and the fly on the wall method followed by two parallel tracks intertwined at logical moments.

In the first track, we focused on the (personal) leadership development of a group of 70 leaders and key personnel in the first year and a group of 100 healthcare professionals and talents in the second year to accelerate theory into practice. The program, Expedition Omring, consisted of several interventions based on Omring’s leadership model.

The interventions ranged from collective learning meetings, online gamification, strategic practice assignments and 360 degree feedback. The program was created based on data and in collaboration with a design team from Omring.

In the second track, we focused on revising the expiring strategy. In a series of dialogues with the Executive Board, the group MT and the strategy direction group, the main strategic movements were determined and structured into a storyline. The input from the participants in Expedition Omring was included in this on an ongoing basis.

“We chose &samhoud because of the unusual approach during the first contact. You lived up to that! The ‘vibe’, the energy and the pleasure in the process is fantastic.”

Insights and results 

Our experts linked Omring’s strategic challenge to collective (leadership) behavioural development. We did so in an integrated approach with unusual interventions. Like collective learning meetings, online gamification and 360 degree feedback. Thus creating connection and energy for movement. Resulting in real change.

  • Leadership based on the Omring Mission, Vision, Core Values and revised strategy
  • Strengthened personal leadership
  • Strengthened connection and improved collaboration between Omring leaders and between leaders and healthcare professionals
  • High performance and a vital organisation

Want to know more?


Want to know more?

Koen Husmann
Lead partner