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A sustainable new strategy for the future


Groningen Seaports


Organisational change

Groningen Seaports manages, develops, and operates the ports of Delfzijl, the Eemshaven, and the adjacent industrial areas. It focuses on the energy, biobased chemistry, and circular industry sectors. A third of all energy used in the Netherlands comes from the Eemshaven, providing employment to approximately 13,000 people through 200 clients.

The organisation operates within an increasingly complex stakeholder landscape, with high expectations regarding its contribution to the sustainability and energy transition of the Netherlands. On one hand, there are local politics and residents who closely monitor the development of the ports and the industry, while on the other hand, there are high expectations regarding the organisation’s contribution to the sustainability of the Netherlands and the energy transition.

Our approach for change

Initially, Groningen Seaports wanted to have a new vision and strategy in a very short time. Our approach was participatory: having the right conversations with both internal and external stakeholders about the future. This led Groningen Seaports to realise that delaying and deepening the formation of vision and strategy would yield much more. A process was then initiated towards achieving a shared vision and strategy, including its implementation into the communication approach and the management of key results and KPIs.

What really changed?

  • A new strategy and renewed energy regarding the ambitions of Groningen Seaports among all involved stakeholders inside and outside the organization.
  • Improvement of stakeholder management and personal growth of the organisation’s leaders.
  • Enhanced cross-functional collaboration and result orientation.
  • Broadening of perspectives and the organisation’s proactive role in sustainability in the Netherlands, the region, and the world.

The impact

The impact of the trajectory lies not only in the formulated vision and strategy, but especially in the consensus and energy towards its success among both internal and external stakeholders. The strategy has led to the realisation that Groningen Seaports has an important role to play on multiple levels and fronts, not only in greening but particularly in contributing to sustainability in a broad sense. This ambition has been formulated and elaborated not only for the Netherlands but also for the desired impact at the local, regional, and international levels. The ambitions, focus on results, and communication in achieving the new goals are clear to all involved. They are eager to make the new strategy a success!


Want to know more?


Want to know more?

Wouter van Daalen
Lead partner