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triggering agile change via gamification




People, Tech & AI transformation

The largest Dutch company in the retirement sector had embarked on an agile journey. With impressive results in performance, continuity of service and employee motivation. But they struggled to make the desired shift in terms of culture, behaviour and leadership.

The big challenge was how to sustainably build an agile mindset. &samhoud helped by executing a bottom-up approach, adopting gamification and nudging methods that focus on activation and agile skill development. Thereby changing the context to trigger behavioural and long lasting cultural change.

Our approach for change

With the help of an organisational network analysis (ONA) a group of initial ambassadors was selected to pilot the skills that needed to be build and participate in nudge labs. This bottom-up approach consisted of two tracks:

  1. Soft skill development
    In the first ‘track’ 5 Agile softs kills were chosen, in order to learn more about the core values of APG, with help of the ambassadors. By developing different modules and organising practical interventions the group explored and effectively practiced with 5 different soft skills: psychological safety, fixed & growth mindset, feedback on behaviour, deep listening & questioning and fostering cross functional collaboration.
  2. Trigger behavioural change
    Int he second track, the group designed so called nudges and gamification solutions to trigger desired behaviour within the organisation. At the end of the so called nudge labs, three prototypes of nudges were developed with the help of design thinking, based on identified desired behaviour.
“This approach made me feel engaged in a different way and made me think about the effect of what my own behaviour has within my organisation.”

The impact

Improved feedback culture:

  • 27% lower threshold to ask and give feedback on behaviour;
  • 18% improvement in motivation to improve feedback on behaviour;

High energy and commitment to make the change:

  • 2 other business units asked for a similar approach, due to the success and enthusiasm of the ambassadors;
  • 80% of the ambassadors signed up to take on a leading role in the second phase of the program(voluntary).

Want to know more?


Want to know more?

Remy Middelhoff
Lead Partner