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Behavioural change

Person wrapped in multi-coloured ribbons floats above water's reflection, representing the dynamic process of behavioural change and self-awareness.

our holistic approach fuels behavioural change

At &samhoud we believe that organisations don’t make the difference. People do. That’s why we solve strategic challenges through the behaviour of people. Because behaviour is a crucial factor to drive culture and realise sustainable change.

But what is behaviour? Behaviour encompasses all observable actions or inactions of individuals. Consciously or unconsciously. For organisations to achieve success, it is essential to understand the connection between desired outcomes and the corresponding behaviours.

To foster a change in behaviour and/or culture within organisations, we dive deeper and apply a holistic view. Our approach extends beyond an analysis of individual behaviours; instead, we look at the whole ecosystem and analyse the rootcauses that either facilitate or hinder specific behaviour. This thorough exploration encompasses diverse viewpoints, combining economics, psychology, sociology, behavioural science, anthropology, and philosophy.

By utilizing scientific insights into behaviour and observations of daily reality, we design customised strategies incorporating effective interventions to guarantee lasting and sustainable change.

We see effective behavioural change as a process and not a one-off. It happens in small steps over time. We help organisations understand why behaviour is occuring and how this links to realising the strategy.


We work with leaders who want to realise change in their organization and society

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