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Navigating through intricate challenges to attain breakthroughs in leadership & team development

Leaders operate in a complex and rapidly changing world with major strategic challenges. We work for leaders that are willing to face these challenges, who want to realise change and in doing so, help build a better world.

We believe that the behaviour of leaders is the key to success. But we also believe that today’s challenges are too complex for individual leaders. The solution lies in strong collaborations within and between leadership teams.

The behaviour of leaders can’t be separated from the organisational system in which they operate. Behaviour is influenced by both formal mechanisms (like structure, processes and KPIs), the context in which leaders operate (like laws and regulations) and informal mechanisms such as social norms and individual beliefs and preferences.

Our programs focus on developing the behaviour of leaders and improving collaboration. Always in conjunction with broader organisational change that addresses the organisation’s strategic challenge.

The consultants at &samhoud have one thing in common: we see the person behind the leader. We dive deeper and look for what really drives someone. We inspire and connect leaders and teams.

We do this based on our expertise in leadership, collaboration and behavioural change. And we also use creativity, gamification, AI, technology and data. That’s how we create breakthroughs leading to real change. Because real change comes from within.


We work with leaders who want to realise change in their organisation and society

Vodafone Ziggo Ensuring consistent leadership in a rapidly changing world

Omring Preparing a healthcare organisation and its leaders for future challenges



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