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Organisational change

Figures in a daring pose, reflected in water, representing the balance required in visionary leadership, adaptability, and self-reflection.

success comes when a strategy breaks free from the drawing board

How do we change or transform our organisation to fit our ambitions and meet future needs? How do you develop a successful strategy and get it off the page? We know that every strategic challenge needs a change of mindset and behaviour to lead to success. Our experts in organisational change combine their industry knowledge, experience, creativity and insights in people to a tailor-made approach that makes strategy work.

Many organisational changes do not last. Why? We often see that the approach is too one-sided. Months are spent designing a new strategy, business model or process. But significantly less attention is given to forming the new behaviours and culture that is essential to creating and sustaining organisational changes.

At &samhoud we challenge and guide leaders to orchestrate an effective change process, spark energy for change and transfer our expertise to ensure sustainable results and performance. Sustainable change, we believe, is an art. The art of change. 

We know that change is more effective when approached from diverse angles. That’s why we consider all stakeholders, every organisational layer, the past, present and future, and the interplay of emotion, reason and intuition. And we dive deep: always inquiring, addressing and working on the root causes of the strategic challenges of our clients. Because that’s how breakthroughs are created.


We work with leaders who want to realise change in their organization and society

DELA Improving results without losing engagement

Groningen Seaport A sustainable new strategy for the future



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