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People, Tech & AI


Human figure with a cube-shaped head stands rooted in nature, representing the integration of technology and our human essence.

empowering people to embrace ownership of digital change and AI adoption

Technology trends are in full swing. Organisations can only succeed by acting upon these. But how? What are the consequences of AI and other technological developments to your business? How to control your IT spend? How to engage your employees in yet another organisational change? How to create energy and ownership for the digital change – including AI adoption?

Digital developments like AI will radically change how people work together. What is asked of leaders and upcoming new business models? This requires an integral approach on the impact of AI on strategy, people and technology. At the same time, organisations need to manage and (re)gain grip on their current IT portfolio.

At &samhoud, we believe that the key to realising your digital & AI ambitions and to gaining control over IT (spend) successfully, is changing human behaviour. Our team offers a unique combination of experience and expertise in human behaviour, change management, business and technology. Enabling you to control your IT spend and speed up your digital & AI transformation.

For example, by building an effective collaboration between Business & IT, accelerating AI experiments and implementation, clarifying architecture discussions and consequences, we help you build the foundation for digital growth.

Investing 1% to 2% of the IT budget into behaviour change, will work as a leverage and a more efficient use of your IT and data investments.

Because in the end: technology is a people’s business.


We work with leaders who want to realise change in their organisation and society

Dela (Re)gaining control over your IT

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Pensioenuitvoerder Triggering agile change via gamification

RTL Videoland Pushing technical limits by connecting business and IT



Nienke Huijs
Lead partner
Remy Middelhoff
Lead Partner
Jeroen van Breda Vriesman
Lead Partner
Job van Rooij
Senior consultant