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appointment of new

&samhoud board: Ingrid

Smolders in the role of







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&samhoud, consisting of the four companies &samhoud consultancy, &samhoud Asia, &samhoud creative tech, and &ranj, has announced the appointment of its new board effective May 1. Founder Salem Samhoud is passing on the CEO role to Ingrid Smolders and will focus on the group’s further growth in his position as a board member. The new board is completed with Leonie Arkensteijn, Marcus Vlaar, and Jip Samhoud.

The appointment is part of a broader restructuring of &samhoud as a group, raising its stakes in various subsidiaries to 100% and preparing to expand further as a family of consultancy and creative boutiques. Ingrid Smolders states, “We are here for leaders who want to achieve ambitious changes in their organisation and take their social responsibility seriously. Our boutiques focus on specialisation in (behavioral) change and creativity,¬†while optimising the utilisation of key accelerators such as AI, tech, and data. The &samhoud boutiques are characterised by a high level of craftsmanship, delivering tailored solutions for complex strategic issues. We continue to refine and expand our propositions to better and more comprehensively support our clients in achieving their goals.”

”In onze boutiques staat de specialisatie in (gedrags)verandering en creativiteit centraal.”

Salem Samhoud, founder of &samhoud, states: “I am very excited that Ingrid is taking on the role of CEO. We have been working together for 22 years, and I have great confidence that she can lead &samhoud into the next phase of growth. I, myself, will continue with the same energy and will focus even more on what I excel at.”

Marcus Vlaar, co-founder of &ranj, will take on the position of Creative Director within the board. Leonie Arkensteijn, former managing partner of &samhoud consultancy, is appointed as CCO and COO. Jip Samhoud, former founder of &samhoud creative tech, will be responsible for innovation and new ventures.